Shape windows are the high-fashion alternative of the window world, and are perfect for showcasing any view. From fluid curves to trendy, modern angles, the design possiblities are endless, and the results are stunning. Special shape windows such as portholes, octagons, hexagons and triangles will add charm and elegance to any home.
Arch windows are a popular form of the special shaped window. The bottom half of the window has a traditional, rectangular look, but the real beauty lies in the accompanying arch, or half circle top.

The contrast between the roundness of the arch and the conservative angles of the window below, make for a chic, modern-day look.
Special shape windows can be customized further by adding grids, small bars that divide the window into smaller panes.
The traditional look is achieved by applying grids to both the interior and exterior glass.
Alternatively, if ease of cleaning is a concern, internal grids placed between the glass is a practical option.