Double Hung

Both sashes of the elegant, Window Force Colonial inspired double-hung window have the ability to slide up and down for ventilation. This variable operation has made the double hung a favourite among homeowners. Rooms with a view over walkways, porches, or patios, will appreciate this self-contained window whose operation will not interfere with any outdoor living space.
Maintain and prolong the life of your double hung windows by cleaning the glass with water and mild soap, and dusting the track.
With the ability to operate the window from the top or bottom sash, with each sash sliding up or down, you can see why the double hung window is a homeowner favourite.
The tilt-out upper and lower sashes make the double-hung window simple to clean and easily adaptable to air conditioners.
Single hung windows look similar, but only the lower sash opens. Easily customize the amount of ventilation by taking advantage of the multidirectional movement of the double hung window.

Since the double-hung window allows the top and bottom sash to slide up and down, the top portion can be used for gentle ventilation that will not blow papers and other light objects around.